Sunday, August 14, 2011

One-Minute Writing: Review

Today's prompt was to right a one minute review of a most recent book read. 

by Rick Barba

My Thoughts
For me and those others  unfamiliar with the Romulan Empire, the book gave a glimpse of what the Romulans have been doing after the great war against the Federation. The history lesson was very light and it didn't  bog down the story which I usually encountered in other sci-fi books. Fortunately, Mr. Barba kept it light and focused  that helped the story maintain its momentum. A couple of red herrings along the way that kept me on my toes and at the same time, it tickled my curiosity about the characters he had introduced. Can we hope to see them again in his other future stories? What will happen to the Romulan peace movement or to Gemini? Uhura-Spock shippers will be thrilled too since there were several scenes with them. Although, I'm still wrapping my mind seeing Spock in full grin. I'm intrigued by this. I don't know if Mr. Barba was testing the waters for fans reaction. Do I like it? Well, it takes getting used to the idea. It wasn't certainly bad and in fact, it made think of his mother. I haven't seen a Vulcan smiled in the movies or TV so like I said, it will take getting used to having Spock show his emotions when his guard is down. A good mystery even if the ending was a little bitter-sweet for Kirk. 

The following are no longer included in the prompt but like I always do in when I read books, I picture the characters in entries such as: Mary Higgins Clark: Where Are You NowHave you ever wished to you could enter a book?

I would imagine: 

Lauren Cohan in "Chuck VS The First Bank of Evil"
T'Laya/ Gemini Agent. T'Laya is a Vulcan Starfleet cadet who had spent her childhood years in Earth.  She's very humanized than the average homeworld-raised Vulcan. She's intelligent but not stuffy or snotty. She's downplays her abilities however when she uses her knack for speed-browsing, it leaves a person a little bewildered as witnessed by Uhura. She has a great sense of humor and "awfully  peppy for a Vulcan" as Uhura said.

Jeff Goldblum in "Law and Order"
Nverrin tr'Rehu, a Romulan scientist who was a good friend of T'Laya's father. He heads the Gemini Project. He is also a close friend of Tashal, a Romulan senator. He shared sympathies with other Vulcans that one day, the Romulan Star Empire and Vulcan will find peace and reunification. One of the agents of the Jolan peace movement.

Laura Linney in "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"
Romulan Senior Senator Tashal who is a good friend of Nverrin. She's a strong candidate for the open spot on the Continuing Committee. She appears to be bearing the weight of responsibility associated with her position. "Tashal had been gifted with a head of beautiful warm brown hair that she was secretly vain about." Another agent of the Jolan peace movement.

Jennifer Garner in "The Invention of Lying" 
Starfleet Intelligence Lieutenant Samarra Caan, " a spook" to the Academy people. She's a a no-nonsense young woman who appears to have some abilities that hints a possible alien heritage.  There are some negative vibes going on when people see the customary dark jumpsuit  amongst the medical blues and command reds on the Academy grounds. She's possible from an alien world, unfortunately, I couldn't tell much from the her background.


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