Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Writing Prompt: "If I should die, think only this of me..."

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To start, this came from my yesterday's post: A Star Called Altaira 

"Balancing Sunlight" by Sharon Pruitt 

Keith turned another corner and finally found her. He slowed his steps until he stopped completely. Beth was framed by one of the hospital's floor-to-ceiling windows.The  morning sunlight dappled around her giving an almost otherworldly sight to behold.  He soon forged a step forward until he reached her side.  When she swiveled to meet his gaze, he knew she saw his concerns clearly written on his face. He didn't hide them because he preferred showing his emotions on his face than saying them a loud.

"Because hearing the words in your own voice makes it final for you." She picked up his thoughts very clearly as if she was dwelling inside his mind, his heart.

"I don't want you fight these alien creatures," Keith was only able to say, wrapping her in his embrace.

"You already know I can't leave my team." Beth was unable to mask the uncontrollable shudder and was glad for Keith's lingering hold just as an ear-splitting siren wailed throughout the area.

He tried to keep her from going  back. Their fingers still entwined much like their hearts.

Beth gazed at their hands. She was fighting back at her own uncertainty. She wants come back to him after the invasion. "Remember," she started her tears unleashed, "remember May 15 for me." She squeezed her hand and pleaded with her eyes that he should let her go. "If I should die, think only this of me," she touched his temple and soon Keith's mind was flooded of memories Beth kept ever since they met. "May 15." Her voice echoed before he lost consciousness.



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