Monday, February 28, 2011


Don't know where Starworld placed the airing times for the Oscars 2011 today. I was hoping it would be 15mins ago already. I'm curious for the new hosts too. This is a big departure from the usual heavies of the comedy world. 

Another reason to look  forward to is Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi  duet performance,  "I See The Light" from Tangled  with "64 fifth graders who make up the chorus at New York's Public School 22 in Staten Island...." Read more here.  Now, I'm getting more jazzed up as I wait for it.

Lastly, is watching out for Hailee Stienfield from True Grit. It was one of the movies in my list to watch sometime this year. ☺

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's only 37 days left till...

The Challenge: Write 100 pages of original scripted material in the 30 days of April. (Screenplays, stage plays, TV shows, short films, and graphic novels are all welcome.)

When: April 1-30

Fee: Free. We run on donations. 

Who: Everyone (worldwide) is welcome. No experience required.

Prize: Happiness. Creative juices. Pride. Laughter. Bragging rights. A brand-new script.

Sign up! Prepare with our Writer's Resources. Get ready to start writing on April 1.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Desperately Seeking Inspiration

Meta-description: A screenwriter is forever alert for possible story plots because ideas spring forth anywhere even the least unexpected places but what happens if you hit another brick wall after staying away from the computer…

Screenwriters are constantly on the look-out for new story ideas because they know they are only good as their last screenplay. They continuously take scenarios and churn each potential plots for their next writing projects. However, there are times they even hit a brick wall. They are stomped on what to write about next.

            If taking a break away from screenwriting doesn’t ignite yet your muse, there are some other sources that can help stir those creative juices into the full gear.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Part Two installment of the "Destiny Beckons"

To Catch up:
First Installment of "Destiny Beckons"  and is the second half after the commercial break. Thank you.

Adria sprinted towards her car and jumped inside. She quickly turned the key while keeping an eye at the retreating rangers. She didn't like that the creature that was clinging onto Violet ranger but the other woman seemed in control as she followed her team away from the arcade. With all her attention forward, Adria failed to notice a red Honda rental car following her. However, after leaving the main highway and reaching the quarry did Adria confronted the suspicious man.

"Well?" She rounded the robust-looking man with chestnut hair and strange fathomless eyes. The more she gazed at them, the more she felt she was staring into an abyss.  She shook herself before she spoke up again. "I don't think I remember you from any local news beat." Adria studied the suspicious and strange man. It was really his eyes that spook her too much. I wonder why?

"I'm not and I didn't come here for trouble." He did his best to appease her so she could listen long enough for the truth he was about to impart to her. "You must help them." He decided to say it point blank and prayed to the heavens she doesn't have a fit or faints. 

"Excuse me?"  Adria threw him an incredulous stare.

"You heard me, Adria Watanabe. I wouldn't be here if you weren't a Star Ranger."

Adria blinked and scanned the area for the "MTV's: Punk'd" crew but she saw no one else. She gazed back at the man who was giving her no vibes at all and that made her hesitant but she squelched it and set up her no-nonsense attitude as her shield.

Friday, February 11, 2011

When writing...

I was reading tweets this morning and one particular message made me pause before going to other tweets. It was short and direct message.

"Often character flaws are also character strengths." from TipsOnWriting.

One example given by Ms. Jean Lorrah  was Sherlock Holmes. "If Sherlock Holmes bothered to cultivate social skills, he would not be able to concentrate on his detective skills."

This is something to consider when creating character profiles, I think.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Logline Contest

From Scriptapalooza
BEST LOGLINE CONTEST! Anyone interested in getting their entry fee waived? We’re doing a quick contest for the best 1 sentence logline! Enter by February 9th - 5pm PST. Winner announced Feb 10th. Please post logline in comments, one entry per person.
Click the link above but hurry it's only until February 9!Argh! I have a working logline but the script still swimming in ACT One.

Law Abiding Citizen

"You have a psychopath in prison but he continues to kill to get his point across." 

This was uttered by the presiding mayor in the film and it definitely left me thinking that Clyde, (Gerard Butler) a devastated father surely had an accomplice to pull it off. However, as the film unrolled its suggested gory machinations done by Clyde who felt betrayed by the justice system that has forgotten the victims, orchestrated everything that resulted a one-man operation. Rice, (Jaime Foxx) a self-serving ADA who was only concerned about his conviction rate begins to understand  when he has his own family to look out for. I never thought my skin crawled again since Silence of the Lambs.

The tenet "show and tell" was employed throughout the movie. Add this movie to learn how  "show not tell" was used. I think it will be very helpful too.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Story Cast....

Have you ever had the discussion with your friends about your favorite book and share your dream casts with each other? I always get a kick out of it whenever I hear someone casting choice.  Even in mailing lists or forums, they hold similar discussions for our respective favorite books. Well, a site takes it up a notch to gather everyone's dream casting into one location.  For example:
Storycast for The Fire Within (Elemental Knights Chronicles 1)

I haven't found this book at the book shop or I might not be looking very hard. These days, I'm very much into Mary Higgins Clark and I'm planning to contribute my casts too as soon as I remember who's who since for the book, "On the Street Where You Live," I was able to come up with three choices. Tsk. The main character, the perp, and the detective, which hardly constitutes a complete cast of characters for the book. I also find it interesting to see other peoples cast choices too, wouldn't you?  :)

I haven't periodically visited Storycast after stumbling into it about a couple years back but I've read that they've increased the casting number to 25. I don't recall how many you could cast before though.  There are still books aching to be cast so if you've read one, why not give it a try. 

If you're an avid fan of Cassandra Clare's work, you can add your cast faves too.  The site also offers forum for book fans to chat with other fans who have read the same books and share also their cast faves with the group.

This seems to be a good respite from screenwriting and throw in your two cents for casting choices.  Who knows, it might even spark an idea. *grins*  Everywhere this is story waiting to be told, it's a matter of finding it and weaving an interesting tapestry. Good luck and keep writing.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

25 Hardy Boys Titles Writers Should Study | scribbleplay

Two days ago I was struck with a story idea after watching a Jane Seymour movie over at HBO channel called "A Memory in my Heart."  I have a character but I haven't found a good scene to introduce her and why she was admitted to a mental institution. Well, aside from losing several marbles.  Then, when a visiting psychiatrist takes her case history, some sort of six-degrees of separation type of thing happened inside the hospital and that her life started to piece together.

Anyway, while as I was mulling over that and getting into numerous dead ends, I received an e-mail about thinking a compelling title.

" Each title includes a an interesting element or two along with the mystery readers will be trying to solve during the read."  Wow! And the short article  made sense!

I remember every time I picked up a Hardy Boys book or a Nancy Drew book, I was trying to solve the connection of the title to the story inside. Why was it the Mystery of the Four-headed Dragon or  who is the Captive Witness? The Melted Coins  title was compelling from the list prepared at the site and I haven't read this one. 

Read more here: 25 Hardy Boys Titles Writers Should Study | scribbleplay