Submitted Scripts

Smallville: Pieces
61 pages
Episode Category
Summary: Clark and Pete's brief reunion ends when their intrepid best friend, Chloe arrives from Metropolis with clues to a new cave in Smallville under Lex's scrutiny. The startling discovery in the cave forces another internal battle for Clark who nearly loses to Kal-El, if not for Martha's intervention. Will Lex witness Clark's duality? Can Martha succeed in helping her son in time?

Additional Background: Season Five. The story takes place months after the episode "Reckoning" and several weeks after "Vengeance." Episode references: Rush, Sacred, and Calling.

Pilot Category
The Charmed Paladins 
64 pages
Summary: Twenty-six years after "Forever Charmed." Wyatt and Chris continue their family's legacy to protect the innocent while spending time with their grandfather Victor. The Brotherhood of Thorn is reassembling with an unlikely leader and a host of enemies more terrifying and powerful than the previous generation has produced. A completed script submitted to Scriptapalooza (Non-winning)