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Next Writing activity....

It was fun reminiscing and I found this writing assignment from the short story course I took from ICS way back 2004. It was for the Business Aspects of Writing section. This was the expanded story entry I posted here.

Star Rangers: Destiny Beckons

Synopsis: This is a series with approximately 3000 words. It's for the 12 to 17 age group. The first installment of the series is a four-part part story which follows a female high school photographer in her adventures and trials when she becomes a member of the Star Rangers. Each of the five rangers protect their respective medallions, thus developing abilities unique only to themselves. They are also special individuals chosen to defend Earth from Thalos, a being with a mysterious past who wants the five medallions for his hidden agenda and ruling the star systems is just his number two goal. 

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Adria Watanabe removed the lens cap of her camera as she entered the school gym and began surveying the area. Students milled about, passing from one table to another. A clique strode passed with a 'not-a-care-in-the-world' expression on their faces. Adria's eyes followed them until they exited the gym.

Adria started making her way around, gazing at the various projects. She noticed several of the students were nervous and edgy. She didn't blame them. She knew how it felt and she was glad it was over for her. Even if she didn't make it to the final fifteen science projects, she still had a good mark on her subject. 

Photo Credit to my fiend, Jacqui A.
Her real love was photography, and that was why she was here. She was going to take pictures of the Annual Science Exhibit Fair for the school paper. The floor plan of the gym was divided into different sections signifying the types of projects. There was a section for the agricultural based projects, commercial based projects and others. It was all interesting, she thought while taking a closer look at one project propped up on a table to her left. She checked her watch and knew that in the afternoon more visitors from other schools would be coming to check the fair.

"Hey, Adria!" A female voice called from behind. She turned and smiled when she recognized who called her.

"Hi, Sally!" Adria greeted her best friend as she approached her table. Sally Beaumont beamed. Her brown shoulder length hair was clipped away from her face on the side, exposing an exquisite earring, where the silver vines caressed the earlobe.

"I'm glad you're here," she gushed while reaching for her friend's hand. Adria noticed how clammy they were.

"It's going to be alright," Adria assured her and gave her friend a hug. "You'll be fine."

"It's just that I'm nervous." She said after letting go. "A while ago, one of the judges came over. Naturally, I had to present my project. After that he asked me questions...."

"Well, what do you expect?" Adria laughing, cutting in and patting her friend's shoulders.

"Adria!" Sally said in exasperation.

"What?" She looked innocently at her friend. She knew Sally wished to be somewhere else rather than explain in front of the judge. It was too nerve-wracking for her.

You're not helping." Sally pouted at her friend. She knew Adria was teasing and joined in the laugh.

Witnessing the change, Adria said, "See I told you, you'll be alright. You can do this," she encouraged her. "Think nothing of it or maybe think of Ian Somerhalder." She knew her friend was an avid follower of the popular vampire show on television. What was the name? The Vampire Chronicles? She'll have to ask Sally about it later. "Maybe I can get him to come here." She wore a thoughtful yet teasing expression and she was already having a hard time suppressing her grin too.

"If you find a way, I'll owe you." Sally glanced at the approaching group of students wending their way towards her.

As if on cue, "I better get back to my own assignment," and held up her camera. "Good luck!" Adria gave her friend another encouraging parting hug.

"Later," Sally said, and took a deep breath, then eagerly faced her small audience. Adria went to cover a shot of the stage and the rest of the gymnasium. She later found Sally animatedly presented her project to another group. She gave her friend a thumbs up when Sally glanced at her direction.

Adria was leaving the gymnasium when her cell phone rang to the tunes of X-Files signaling a call from her editor, Lisha.

"Yes, boss?"

"Don't you ever use vibrate?"

"Turned it off, it destroys my shots." Adria replied as she strolled toward the school main building.

Paseo de  Sta.Rosa Complex, Laguna
"Whatever, just get down to the Aracade, ASAP. There's some weirdness going on there and I want my best photographer on top of the action."

"I'm so happy to be appreciated." She remarked, now running towards the school's parking lot.

"Just please get there." Lisha ended with a tired voice.

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  1. A cool way to start it off. When you were talking about the clique, it reminded me of that "Clique" movie based on the best-selling teen novel series (published under the same umbrella as the Gossip Girl series). LOL

    Adria's passion for photography really shows. And you established the differing personalities in her character and Sally's. LOL Sally's nerves seemed to get in the way of her confidence. Adria must've been clueless about today's vampire-based pop culture. Glad that Sally's a fan of "TVD"! ;)

    LOL at Lisha calling Adria. I never used vibrate as well in real life :p Cool!!! She's the best photographer!!! I'm sensing a Chloe Sullivan v.2 here - somehow, that's the vibe I'm getting. I'm lovin' Adria!!! She's very slick! x

    Now I can only want more...

  2. Thanks! The clique there was inspired from that movie. :D Right on.

    Yes, Sally's a huge fan of "TVD" and it will be in Chapter Two (was the last of writing assignment) where she'll do any thing to meet one of her idols. Hehe. Adria's very clueless about the show. :D

    Adria's ringtone was also an updated line. That's her view of Lisha. Lolz.


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