Friday, January 28, 2011

Continuing "Desting Beckons"

Commercial Break Ends
Several meters away, police cars barricaded the immediate area to keep nosy spectators from harm's way.  Beyond the vehicles, a big, ugly creature held a woman hostage while four individuals in red, green, blue, and indigo uniformed suits maneuvered away from the creature's blasts. 

"It's the rangers!" Adria heard the boy squealed in delight from behind her. He and friends dashed off for a better look. 

Paseo De Sta.Rosa Complex
Adria's perplexed expression threatened to etch deeper and quickly searched for a good vantage point. Picking her way through the crowd, she started asking questions from one bystander. 

"What's happening?" she asked a grandfather who was keeping his excited granddaughter close to him. 

"I can't be sure," answered the man with a shook in his voice. "It fast. I was heading for the car when I heard a scream. I turned around to check what it was...the scream came from that... that creature. That was also the time I saw the monster holding her." The apprehensive man gesticulated while he continued. "Some of the security people tried to help but they couldn't get close to the woman. That creature was shooting off some sort of energy beam. It hit a guard squarely on his chest then it turned towards the squad cars and sent another energy beam."

Adria followed the man's pointing finger and noticed the scorched ground, where a couple of the squad cars had once stood. 

"The beam disintegrated those cars? Adria asked in disbelief. 

The man added. "After that, those guys came out of nowhere trying to rescue the woman."

Realizing, that she wouldn't get anything from the man anymore, she thank him and proceeded towards a pick-up truck. She climbed on its side and settled on the back of the vehicle. Adria adjusted her telephoto lens  in order to take better pictures of the scorched ground. She adjusted her lens again to take shots of the rangers. She was intrigued by these four individuals and took as many shots as she could from her position and continued snapping pictures to her heart's content.

By now, the rangers were circling the creature hoping to gain an opening. The creature eyes the rangers. It was hungry for another strike. 

Drago Credit
From its two antennae located on top of its head, a bright pulse came and hit the green ranger at full force. The ranger was thrown back hitting the side of a car. The rangers ran to their fallen comrade. Blue Centaurus and Indigo Vela formed a protective barrier that absorbed most of the creature's energy pulses. The police officers readied their guns but no shot was fired. They waited. 

"This kind of action isn't enough for you, Draco?" Red Orion asked as he helped the ranger to his feet. 

"Very funny, Orion." He swayed a little on his feet. 

Centaurus Credit
Blue Centaurus glanced over his shoulder. "Listen, Vela and I can't keep this up..."

"Heads up, everyone!" Vela exclaimed when she saw a portal forming over the creature's head. 

"Finish them off, now!" The voice in the portal thundered. The creature obeyed its master's orders, pushed the hostage to the ground, and charged at its prey.

 "We have its full attention and
Orion Credit
away from the people, let's go!" Red Orion hustled away from the parking lot trailed by his fellow members. They all hopped to their respective motorbikes and sped off. The creature began to transform into something close to gooey mass substance and zipped to latch on the Indigo Vela's back. The ranger nearly careened to a corner but she held on to her bike, taking the creature with her. 

End of the First Installment

This was where I ended my writing assignment with positive comments from the instructor. Yay! "Good descriptions and handling of dialogue!"


  1. I love the whole action in this part! The rangers' suits come in ultra-cool colors :D Adria's curiosity really fascinates me. She really does remind me of Chloe Sullivan. Those rangers would intrigue me too. Lovin' the constellation photos!!! They're alluring!

    Does the creature have a name? Cool motorbike scene right at the end!!! I'd want to see the adventure continuing.

    So happy you got that comments from your instructor! You're a natural-born storyteller! x

  2. Thanks, Jules! *hugs* Remember the time you told me about your plans for your mag, I was thinking of pitching this installments/story to you. LOlz.

    As of yesterday, the creature still doesn't have a name. :D I'll look for the next sections.

    Btw, I'm still reading "Stone Edge" but I'll be leaving feedbacks as soon as I can. :D

    I didn't expect the comment and I remember my officemate asking me what was I grinning about and told him that I was given a fantastic grade and comment to go. :D


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