Tuesday, February 1, 2011

25 Hardy Boys Titles Writers Should Study | scribbleplay

Two days ago I was struck with a story idea after watching a Jane Seymour movie over at HBO channel called "A Memory in my Heart."  I have a character but I haven't found a good scene to introduce her and why she was admitted to a mental institution. Well, aside from losing several marbles.  Then, when a visiting psychiatrist takes her case history, some sort of six-degrees of separation type of thing happened inside the hospital and that her life started to piece together.

Anyway, while as I was mulling over that and getting into numerous dead ends, I received an e-mail about thinking a compelling title.

Credit www.fantasticfiction.co.uk
" Each title includes a an interesting element or two along with the mystery readers will be trying to solve during the read."  Wow! And the short article  made sense!

I remember every time I picked up a Hardy Boys book or a Nancy Drew book, I was trying to solve the connection of the title to the story inside. Why was it the Mystery of the Four-headed Dragon or  who is the Captive Witness? The Melted Coins  title was compelling from the list prepared at the site and I haven't read this one. 

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