Friday, February 4, 2011

Story Cast....

Have you ever had the discussion with your friends about your favorite book and share your dream casts with each other? I always get a kick out of it whenever I hear someone casting choice.  Even in mailing lists or forums, they hold similar discussions for our respective favorite books. Well, a site takes it up a notch to gather everyone's dream casting into one location.  For example:
Storycast for The Fire Within (Elemental Knights Chronicles 1)

I haven't found this book at the book shop or I might not be looking very hard. These days, I'm very much into Mary Higgins Clark and I'm planning to contribute my casts too as soon as I remember who's who since for the book, "On the Street Where You Live," I was able to come up with three choices. Tsk. The main character, the perp, and the detective, which hardly constitutes a complete cast of characters for the book. I also find it interesting to see other peoples cast choices too, wouldn't you?  :)

I haven't periodically visited Storycast after stumbling into it about a couple years back but I've read that they've increased the casting number to 25. I don't recall how many you could cast before though.  There are still books aching to be cast so if you've read one, why not give it a try. 

If you're an avid fan of Cassandra Clare's work, you can add your cast faves too.  The site also offers forum for book fans to chat with other fans who have read the same books and share also their cast faves with the group.

This seems to be a good respite from screenwriting and throw in your two cents for casting choices.  Who knows, it might even spark an idea. *grins*  Everywhere this is story waiting to be told, it's a matter of finding it and weaving an interesting tapestry. Good luck and keep writing.


  1. Oh you're reading those series?? Cool! I've been wanting to get into those.
    Lots of fantastic supernatural YA series these days!

    I'll go and visit Storycast for sure. Would love to check out your castings for your faves.

    Since "Vampire Academy" is now optioned for a movie, the casting is still ongoing, and the producers said they look up YouTube videos fans made to help them with the casting choices.

    I was surprised my dream cast video got 1000+ views now :D

  2. I will when the book shop here gets some stocks. Yes, I read the summary of the first book and I'm intrigue already. I like the YA books too. There was a title about the Black Pearl but it's not part of the PoTC franchise. I can't recall the rest of the title tho or the author but it won the Newberry Award which I think is prestigious in the book world for children and YA. :D


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