Sunday, February 13, 2011

Part Two installment of the "Destiny Beckons"

To Catch up:
First Installment of "Destiny Beckons"  and is the second half after the commercial break. Thank you.

Adria sprinted towards her car and jumped inside. She quickly turned the key while keeping an eye at the retreating rangers. She didn't like that the creature that was clinging onto Violet ranger but the other woman seemed in control as she followed her team away from the arcade. With all her attention forward, Adria failed to notice a red Honda rental car following her. However, after leaving the main highway and reaching the quarry did Adria confronted the suspicious man.

"Well?" She rounded the robust-looking man with chestnut hair and strange fathomless eyes. The more she gazed at them, the more she felt she was staring into an abyss.  She shook herself before she spoke up again. "I don't think I remember you from any local news beat." Adria studied the suspicious and strange man. It was really his eyes that spook her too much. I wonder why?

"I'm not and I didn't come here for trouble." He did his best to appease her so she could listen long enough for the truth he was about to impart to her. "You must help them." He decided to say it point blank and prayed to the heavens she doesn't have a fit or faints. 

"Excuse me?"  Adria threw him an incredulous stare.

"You heard me, Adria Watanabe. I wouldn't be here if you weren't a Star Ranger."

Adria blinked and scanned the area for the "MTV's: Punk'd" crew but she saw no one else. She gazed back at the man who was giving her no vibes at all and that made her hesitant but she squelched it and set up her no-nonsense attitude as her shield.

"Okay, I won't ask you how you got my name because last month's, Photo Eye Contest had my name on the newspaper so; care to run by that me one more time?" She pursed her lips in annoyance, wondering why this day suddenly went from exciting to downright strange.

Suddenly those fathomless eyes became sad. "I don't know why your mother kept her secret from you but I would like to ask if you had a dream, instructing you on how to activate the medallion that you're now wearing?

Shock registered on Adria's face before she could school her expression neutral but it was no use, she could feel the heat of her anger rising.

"Listen, here mister! I don't forget a face and I can protect myself. If you want to join your "rangers" not from the comforts of a prison cell, you'd better leave me alone!"

The man took a step back. He was clearly dumbfounded by Adria's reaction and even more bewildered why the medallion hasn't given her the genetic memory key to unlock it from its dormant mode. It never happened before. What had changed it? 

Trying to save whatever preliminary contact with the girl, the man left his business card on the roof of Adria's car. "I'm Pacen Eldo. In case, you need a different listening ear, you can reach me at the Garden Center." He took his leave and drove towards an adjoining road that was on the left. The incline skimmed the base of the mountain where the rangers were fighting the creature near the sheer drop point. It was a long way down if the rangers or the creature decide to take a nose dive. 

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  1. Aria becoming angry fascinates me. Her snarky lines are just fun to read. LOL. Loved the scene where she thought she got punk'd. Pacen Eldo... cool name!

  2. I hope I didn't portray her such a hot-head. I don't know why she came out that way. :D I was shooting something for an outer space kind of name and Pacen Eldo seemed right. Thanks.


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