Monday, January 17, 2011

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire Assistant

Josh Hutcherson as Steve
The Journey of the antagonist

Steve, was Darren Shan best friend since third grade and had been pretty much the kid from the wrong side of the fence. The boys snucked out from their respective bedrooms on a school night to visit the Cirque that happened to be in town.

There was a scene when the boys were at ticket booth. Steve was bitten by the smallish creature wearing a cloak. I didn't get what they were called though. It was later in the movie that their origins were revealed. Apparently, when Mr. Tiny gets disappointed he'd turn his minion into such a creature for not completing a task.

Anyway, back to the boys. They were separated in between the performance because the concerned parents with the police, interrupted the acts. Steve confronted Larten for being a vamp. We found out that Steve wanted to become a vampire. However, when Larten tasted the boy's blood, he recoiled in disgust and waved Steve away .

If I wasn't paying attention, I might have missed Larten's reaction to Steve's blood. The creature's bite was the only thing that happened so the ticket booth scene and the scene at Larten's private dressing room tied nicely together. There other scenes added into each other, was more of Steve's possible role in Mr. Tiny's plan and Darren's plight to stay alive as Murlaugh under Mr. Tiny's orders wants him too.

From there, I was able to string the pieces together. Mr. Tiny wants Steve since the start. He could have already ordered that smallish, cloaked creature to be on the look out for the boy and when it did at the ticket booth, it bit him.  His blood tainted, preventing him from being turned to Larten's camp in the coming battle, which is possible Steve doesn't know that he might be... the key? I guess we'll have to wait for the next movie installment.

I remember reading about scene objectives from the screenwriting books I have. So, don't forget the purpose of a scene and why as a writer, want a particular incident or moment to be presented.


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