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For Different Categories of Stories

I wrote this for an online short-story course I enrolled before.There were several choices and we were to attempt one assignment. I chose #2 Write a picture story for children or for teenagers, again stating the age group. Send the synopsis and a manuscript showing your ideas fro the first two frames. My age group was 13 years old to 16 years old.

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Star Rangers: Destiny Beckons

Synopsis: This is a series with approximately 3500 words and around 35 number of  frames. The story opens with the last standing ranger named Rhoswane in Planet Kuros. He is eventually defeated by Thalos, but not until Rhoswane sent the sphere containing the Medallions of Rigel, out to space. Many years later, Thalos resurfaced to spread havoc in the outer realms of space. The trouble reaches Earth and a new set of steadfast individuals were called in to protect the planet and the medallions they wore.

The medallions have chosen four individuals and now, they are searching for the fifth member. Circumstance inadvertently lead Adria Watanabe into the fold, but she will find out that her mundane life is changed forever and something from her past will be slowly revealed.

INSET: Prologue

Rhoswane stands on his good leg and surveys the smoldering surrounding. Destroyed vehicles prevent any escape for an ordinary citizen. Small fires are everywhere, adding more confusion on the war-torn Kuros. Rhoswane is the last remaining ranger, surviving the death trap Thalos had arranged on Planet Kuros. he know Thalos will do anything to get his hands on the Energy Medallions of Rigel. The very medallions gave each ranger, the symbol of Hope, individual uniqueness, and power suited only for the bearer. The rangers are chosen individuals, each capable of mastering and harnessing the energy locked within the medallions and becoming a Star Ranger.

Scene 1: Outside the destroyed complex.
THALOS (taunts): "Must we do this again, Silver Andromeda?" (Thalos coalesce into a human form., stands before the ranger. He wields his weapon of choice, a silver staff. Rhoswane re-forms his staff and assumes a fighting stance.)

INSET: Thalos launches his attack. Rhoswane neatly sidesteps and sent the tip of his staff to hit Thalos' on the ribs. An angry Thalos shifts his footing and lashes out at the ranger. He gains a upper hand against the exhausted ranger.

RHOSWANE (screams in pain when Thalos' staff sends electrical charges on his chest) "Ahhhhh!" (writhes in pain). Whatever you're going to do, it won't change my mind.

INSET: Rhoswane goes all numb as the electric current from Thalos' staff sears him like fire. He falls backwards on the ground, his breath is knocked from him, when he opens his eyes, he sees Thalos pinning him down to the ground. The glowing tip of his staff comes dangerously close to his chest again.

THALOS: Well, which is it? Family or misery, Ranger?

RHOSWANE: Varielle, my love. I am sorry.

INSET:  Many years had passed from the day the sphere containing the medallions left the planet Kuros. It continued its journey through space until the medallions found new owners on Earth. These individuals have risen and answered the call to defend the galaxy and ensuing peace for the next succeeding years.

It was only recenly that the ranger lost the fight to Thalos on the outer realm of the galaxy. However, just like before Thalos failed to obtain the medallions. Now, there was again a need to form a new team of Star Rangers to defend the impending threat Thalos would bring.

Present day. Wednesday morning at a high school gymnasium. Adria, the school's photographer is covering the Annual Science Exhibit and stops by her best friend's table. Sally Beaumont, is one of the finalist and is very nervous.

ADRIA (encourages}: You'll be all right. You can do this. Think nothing of it or maybe think of Ian Somerhalder.

SALLY (deep breathes, nervously gazing the group of students coming her way): Okay, I'm trying.

INSET: Adria sees the approaching students and takes her leave just as her cell phone beeps. Lisha, the school's editor is calling to get her to the arcade to cover the hostage situation by some nutcase wearing an absurd costume.


  1. A very enriching assignment you've got back then. I definitely get the sci-fi mode right at the beginning. :) Something tells me I'm liking Adria.

    "Think nothing of it or maybe think of Ian Somerhalder." That line is CLASSIC.

  2. Thanks! That line was redone though. I had to update it because originally it said, "Think of Nicky from Westlife." :D

    Adria's character/story is the dramatic one. Well, I hope so.

    When I wrote this assignment I was thinking of taking the Power Rangers format (seen in Cartoon Network)to the next level. :D I'm trying to find my printed copies of the character profiles for this story. The files from my old computer were lost and the backup files remained in 3.5 floppy diskettes that no one's using and my cpu doesn't have a external drive for it. Sheesh.

  3. Ah, I see where you got that from. LOL Hope you'll still be able to extract those files again, esp. if you've been writing much about the profiles. Are you going to continue this project?


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