Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Carry On Tuesday: "An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Go Blind"

She had seen red and felt her heart  practically shattering to infinite pieces as the monotone confession from the one she vowed to hold, cherish, and all those synonyms "till death do us part," rang meaningless to her ears.

He continued doling the 'truth' unaffected by his words.

Is he even human? She glanced up to him beyond her tearful gaze. She openly wondered if he was feeling anything at this moment as he said words like "mid-life crisis."

An unforeseen force propelled her from her spot and rammed him to the wall. He would have easily fought her down but he surrendered to her overflowing outrage. He lifted his eyes to stare back at the once blue eyes he knew will never see again. He felt her anger taking shape as he gazed at the icy blue orbs. He accepted the forceful pummeling he received from her and didn't care getting two broken ribs, swollen lips, bruised arms, black eyes in the process.

Eye for eye will make the whole world go blind and for her it did. He began stringing his thoughts when the flying punches and kicks ceased. He tentatively glanced from the floor to the woman now seated at the foot of the bed.

Years of happiness she thought now fell off from her like autumn leaves. Her own years now lay meaningless on the heavily carpeted bedroom and the pictures that adorned every corner of their room stared back at her in pale cheer. Even the sunlight streaming from the ornate window cast a dull glow. No longer welcoming or warm, it was replaced by an obliterated and muted version of a morning aftermath.

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