Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Fiction: A.S.R.

"Dark Corridor" by Angvil

For more Friday Fiction, check out One-Writer. Write a brief bit of fiction using the abbreviation  "A.S.R." You decide what the letters stand for.  

A pair of beams crisscrossed along the walls lighting his way. Then the lights disappeared  just as Ulysses glanced down at the handheld scanning device he was carrying. The monitor showed no other blips on the same floor and movement was still confined at the basement level.  He switched on his search lights that came from his eyes and the light beams fell on the name  "Arthur S. Rom" attached on the wood panel door.

"Gotcha, A.S.R."

Before he could enter the room, a sound of something metallic connecting to another metallic surface, clanged from behind the door he was about to open. He backed up and glanced around for another exit.  He found one to his right and dashed toward it. He had just closed the door quietly behind him when heavy footfalls navigated around the room and were closing in. Ulysses welded shut the metal doorframe with his finger and left to find another way to get inside A.S.R's office.


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