Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fiction: Rows

For more Friday Fiction, visit One-Minute Writer. ☺ You'll enjoy it. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Rows."

Napa Valley by En Vino Veritas

The gaggle of noise rose higher now as more and more of the seats were claimed by the students in en masse. She snapped several more shots for the school paper and at her final picture, she snapped a photo of Rick Lineheart while she steadied her somersaulting heart. She thanked for small favors that she was at the other end of the auditorium, far from anyone to see her flaming cheeks. She afforded a nervous giggle when the principal cleared her throat beside her. Adria flushed again but this time with embarrassment and started to leave the stage but before she turned her heel, she scanned the rows. She was surprised to see Rick was seated three rows behind Sally and not at the same row as she thought. She could hear "Your The One I love" by Jon McLaughlin playing in the background or was that in her head? She walked on clouds that day.


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