Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Scribblings: Shipwreck

Sunday Sribblings

For Sunday Scribblings  prompt is shipwreck. To read more entries about it visit the link. ☺

Dark ship wreck 

Rick Slade, a pirate by necessity and not by trade looked in consternation  seeing the last remnants of the ship, Stella, shipwrecked now and submerged in the watery depths of the cold, dark sea. He clutched tightly on the barrel and rode on the turbulent swells as he tried to make a head count of the crew bobbing in an out of the surface of the water. He was at least relieved that the moon has slipped past a cloud and had shone brightly like a beacon. He didn't know if the men were comforted by this but for now it will  have to do. Numerous shouts rang the night as the men called out to another. It was a tactic they've thought up for situations like these. 

"Any ideas?"  Drell swam beside his first mate. 

"Inogen's spell is different this time." Rick wore a pensive frown. "We have to be careful when we meet her again." 

"And the medallion?" Drell suddenly worried as he threw a glance at the spot where Stella sank.

 "It's with me," Rick replied. "Do you think the men will throw me overboard if I do this?" He waved his hand and out from the pieces of wood floating around them, a good size boat was built. 

"If they do, I'll give them something they won't forget." Drell clenched his fist as his promise. 


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