Monday, August 8, 2011

"A star named Altaira"

So this was my attempt to write *gasps* Be gentle please....I would love to hear from you dear friend, Ultimately Charmed since this is right up your alley. ☺ Am I over-thinking this song?

View of the moon

Some more background on the material? Well, I once was in the middle of  writing a very rudimentary (emphasis on that ☺) spec for Ultraman (oh, some ten-ish years ago) but it was more closely along the veins presented by the joint production of Hanna-Barbera and Tsuburaya  animated series called Ultraman: The Adventure Begins.  Since I was new to the Ultraman world I sought for a Yahoo group where  I found a resourceful gathering called Ultraman Club. Back at the time I joined, there were heavy discussions whether Ultraman should go to the movies or not.

It was also during that time G.I. Joe, Transformers and other '80s animated series (as mentioned from a different screenwriting group) were still on development-ville but destined for the silver screens making. Flash-forward we saw those films.   ☺

Anyway, I followed the spirited discussions and the links associated to why this is so and why it shouldn't be until I reached a point that maybe an Ultraman movie isn't ready  for a movie translation. I know I shouldn't leave that one unfinished but I promise to add more scenes to the rudimentary spec as soon as I've untangled myself from the unintentional web I draped myself with.

The poem/ song (?) was a moment when Beth/Altaira ( a character from the animated movie) made a decision and Keith (from the rudimentary spec) had to come to terms to it. In my what if's Altaira is the name of the Ultra being residing in Beth's body and since the animated series didn't broach that backstory, it became a part of my what if's. I think the animated presentation was also created in hopes that it might  become a regular series unfortunately it was shuffled to obscurity.

A star named Altaira
By trailsofthepen

I strolled carelessly in life
Not knowing I would find
Not thinking I would meet
If only I have listened

I live through the days in routine
With friends, with family
The stinging lessons from the heart
Now mere echoes that ring my ears

I thought I was happy, yet
I knew I was missing a part of me
There was no yearning
Of this feeling from the beginning

I knew your name once
Altaira, at the first chance
We sang the same tunes
It was a blessing coming true

I wanted you to stay
And not go so faraway
But the heavens called you
And I never knew

The loneliness rattled my heart
It does not compare, I know
The higher purpose of your calling
Already set to stone for you

Wherever you are, I know
In my heart you are here
And in the skies, I see
You, a star named Altaira. (repeat once)

Altaira... I love you…My Altaira… (fade)

@All rights reserved. April 29, 2004.


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