Saturday, August 20, 2011

Road Sign

Caution by Arwe Theryet
Yikes! I have yet to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) on HBO Asia but they keep re-airing the movie in the 11:00 PM or 11:30 PM slots. Who's going to watch that? I think I'm the only one who prefers watching horror movies with the sun is up. Haha

I usually watch horror movies with actors that I've seen previously such as:
Kyle Gallner  who portrayed Bart Allen/ Impulse in Smallville  episodes: Run, Justice, and Doomsday. He also guest appeared in CSI: NY as Reed Garrett in episodes: Consequences,Sweet 16, Some buried bones plus four more titles.

Katie Cassidy who portrayed Ruby in Supernatural episodes: The Magnificent SevenThe Kids are Alright, and four more titles. She was in Melrose Place  but I don't follow the tv show and Gossip Girl as Julia Sparks. I don't get to watch GG since the episode where Lily and Rufus met their love child out of the blue, courtesy of Georgina Sparks. OH, wait! Georgina Sparks and Julia Sparks....

Thomas Dekker  who portrayed Zach from Heroes episodes: Chapter One: Genesis, Chapter Two: Don't Look Back and nine more episodes. He was also in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles  unfortunately, didn't appeal me.

Kellan Lutz thanks for my friend, from ultimatelycharmedtv  for a heads up and of course, he's from the the Twilight series fame, 'nuf said. ☺

Jackie Earle Haley from Human Target as Guerrero in episodes: Rewind, Embassy Row and twenty-three more episodes. I try to follow Human Target as possible as I can. ☺ His character is as mysterious as his one-liners.


  1. Eeeeeks!! Horror is not for me day or night!! But the caution did make me smile :)

  2. @Nanka Hehe, the artist was quite imaginative alright.


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