Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One-Minute Writing: Movie/ book

Today's prompt was to reflect on a book you've read and a movie that was based on it.   To join in the fun visit One-minute writer
The One-Minute Writer

It was backwards for me. I saw the movie first before delving into the Lord of the Rings books Trilogy. I was quite astounded by the level of production work and the dedication from the people involved that went into interpreting Tolkien's world. I thought Sir Peter Jackson's vision which was to breakdown the books in a simple, digestible terms (to have a beginning, a middle and the end) helped navigate through the rich world Tolkien visioned. Sir PJ and his team (WETA) created a Middle Earth as if it did once existed and was lost in our history so to speak. It was quite unbelievable and that kind of impact to me was great.

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