Monday, August 1, 2011

National Bookstore SD Comic Con 2011 Swag Contest

The San Diego Comic Con 2011 started out last week or so ago and I was also in hyper mode since I was flowing the excerpts of the con via The Nerd Machine twitter feed and ZacharyLevi's tweets.  I just love their ustream links.

Even if you can't join in the fun, you still get to be 'included' for a few minutes and watched the live video feeds. ☺

I realized too late that I could have called since my phone carrier had a promo going on for calls to the US! When did I realize it? A week later when the whole thing was over. Lolz. 

Anyway, now National Bookstore brings back the fun and excitement of the San Diego Comic Con 2011 by giving away swags for seven days! 

Day 4 Prize

I like the T-shirt. I wonder if there are sizes for adults ☺ Well, I do have one from Lord of the Rings and a pillow from The Two Towers and a T-shirt from Return of the King. ☺

Day 5 Prize
Which I think I like to have since it has the souvenir pack!
Day 6 Prize
The contest ends on August 5, 2011. I wonder what will be the last swag. The contest rules can be found on National Bookstore's Facebook page. 


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