Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"In my head I paint a picture.... " (became a one-shot prose/ fic...)

AN: I was hoping to encourage the muse for the Scriptapalooza Competition so I could start something lolz.  Check out Carrying on Tuesdays for the prompts of the day.

“I haven’t heard my real name used for like eons and now it sounds so alien to my ears.” She huffed quietly while fixing her gown. She wondered what came over her to wear this gown in the first place. A hand on her shoulder stilled her anxiety-driven motions enough to make her straighten up and forget the fussing for the moment. She found her dissipating resolve slipped further through the chains that had wrapped it.

She stared back at the warm brown orbs, counting the fleeting seconds. There was a slight crinkle of worry touching the corners of his eyes, which was enough to make her snapped out from her own spell and took stock of the moment.

“Lily Madrigal isn’t alien,” Chuck was saying. He was ready to save the day, hearing the tiniest panic tone from his best friend voice. “It’s one of the downsides when it comes to our profession but I’m sure you’ll get use to it like nothing what the intervening years can throw at you.” He pointedly glanced at Morgan who was pointedly looking back at him. The two men started searching for something in their pockets.

Lily AKA Greta chuckled softly and committed the moment to memory. They can be exasperatingly geeky but she was glad they’ve included her for the ride.

“That’s why I made you this!” Morgan finally found the item much to Chuck’s relief. He cued his phone on the particular file for Lily to see.

“I made a special recording,” Chuck guessed by her expression that she had forgotten about it.

It took a while for Lily to make any comment as she watched the old home video before glancing back at Chuck and Morgan.

“You guys saved this?” She smiled.

“Dad had the living room under surveillance,” Chuck answered, sheepishly.

Lily let out a hearty laugh remembering now. “We sure had fun making our science projects and Mr. B was very helpful. Did you know I kinda wished he was our science teacher?”

Chuck shot her an incredulous look, which made Lily giggle more.

“I definitely learned a lot from your dad that week we made our projects.”

“Yeah, those were the good times.” Morgan agreed as he pocketed the phone when Lily handed it back to him.

“Thanks you two.” She stood confidently now, hooking her arms at the crook of their elbows. She gave each man a quick peck on the cheek as a sign of her gratitude. 

“In my head I paint a picture of the three unstoppable musketeers in the spy business!” She enthusiastically announced as they walked towards the building where the‘80s music was blaring out and a banner “Happy Reunion” furled above as the night breeze caught it.


  1. I do beleive that I was there.....

  2. @Whitesnake Really? Wow, thank you. I'm happy that the little entry made you feel you're part of the parking panic. Thanks.

    @Jingle - Thank you. The muse will hopefully give me some bits to use. Lolz.


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