Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mary Higgins Clark: Where are you now?

It took quite a while to finish the book since my interest wavered a bit during the first half of book which, was devoted in piecing the mysterious disappearance of Mack Jr, his lingering promise to his mother, Olivia MacKenzie, who he always calls on Mother's Day without fail. This went on for ten years and Carolyn (his younger sister) is fed up with the absurd arrangement her brother has made them put through so she devoted her time to finding him.


It was never easy reaching out to the past because you don't know what else you'll shift through the dormant dust accumulated through the years but Carolyn went through her brother's last footsteps, reconnected with his old college roommates, reading about the new kidnapping incidences that reflected the same situation as Mack Jr, which led the police to believe that Mack Jr is alive and that he had gone off the deep end by kidnapping women.

However, Carolyn believed her brother was innocent and strove to the truth. I was half expecting from  Carolyn to start as quickly as she could  instead she was shown to plan out who she needed to talk to in her own pace. She also had to contend with the horde of reporters camping outside her apartment and despite having scenes where she came home to an empty apartment and feeling frustrated, I felt more story movement went on whenever the kidnapper made his moves.

The scene at the basement of a decrepit building was heart-wrenching and the revelation who was behind it left me a little winded. I didn't expect it at all. Of course, the epilogue was also a heart-tugging chapter since a piece of Mack Jr lived but to Carolyn and her mom that piece seemed too far. I imagined that once Barbara Galbraith finally told her son, Gary about his other family affiliations, Carolyn and her Mom will finally have the closure they needed. I thought that chapter can even inspire a TV movie. ☺


I went over to Storycasting to place my cast choices since during the time I was reading it, I thought of who might portray the characters. I always do that when I read books. I think it was just a way for me to visualize the story.

Here are some of my choices and the  rest are below since I was experiencing limitations. *grins* I hope more actor names will be added in Storycasting site database. :D

Carolyn MacKenzie (Nicole Steinwedell )

Dr. David Andrews (John Larroquette)

Police Captain Larry Ahearn (Cotter Smith)

Kate Carlisle (Allison Scagliotti)

Gus Kramer (Jim Beaver)
Lil Kramer (Marcia Bennett)
Barbara Galbraith (Brooke D'Orsay)

Thanks to: 
Krissiecaps for Warehouse 13 Claudia (Allison Scaliotti)
Home of the Nutty for Supernatural Bobby (Jim Beaver), and TVrawr


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