Friday, July 15, 2011

Once Upon a Twilight!: Back from Vacation Giveaway!

For some reason I'm starting to hog books these days and it I think it was because of the slight bad news that I received two weeks ago. Yikes.

Anyways on the lighter side of things, browse through...

Once Upon a Twilight!: Back from Vacation Giveaway!: "So Im finally back from my 2 week Florida vacation. It was wonderful, we had a real great time. The drive back was horrible but Im finally ..."  

Not only they're hosting a giveaway  you can search through their previous entries for book titles that they've reviewed or placed under looking out for (Waiting on Wednesday) if you're itching for something to read since you've already scoured your nearest book thrift shop for goodies. Who knows there might be a YA book that calls to you just like it did to me. ☺


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