Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Mailbox

This seemed to be the right feel to it when all of the sudden I have books piling up on my table. :) I was following Everything Distils to Reading and her entry made me curious and I wanted to find out more. Several blogs later, I found what Monday Mailbox was all about from visiting The Story Siren by Kristi. :) This July Gwendolyn B from A Sea of Books  is hosting this.

While these aren't upcoming books, it could still be new to others.  :) My latest finds are:

From Goodreads: Amy Redwing is a dog rescuer who needs to be rescued herself. Among southern California dog lovers, she's revered as a heroic spirit who has repeatedly put her own life in danger to save abused animals. Widower Brian McCarthy, her would-be lover, worries that her commitment to her beloved golden retrievers insulates her from some dark episode in her past. Strangely, it is the arrival of a very special dog that marks the onset of events that will threaten the precarious balance of Amy's life. A thriller that is also a story about lost dogs and recovered love.

From Goodreads: "In a new thriller, worldwide bestselling suspense writer Mary Higgins Clark weaves the mystery of twin telepathy into a mother's search for a kidnapped child, presumed dead." "Margaret and Steve Frawley celebrate the third birthday of their twin girls, Kelly and Kathy, with an afternoon party in their new home, a modest fixer-upper in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The evening of the twins' birthday party, Steve and Margaret attend a black-tie dinner in New York. When they return home, the police are in the house, and they are told that the babysitter had been found unconscious, the children are gone, and a note demanding an eight-million-dollar ransom had been left in their room." "Steve Frawley's firm, a global investment company, agrees to pay the ransom. The kidnapper, who identifies himself as the "Pied Piper," makes his terms known - on delivery of the ransom, a call will come, revealing the girls' whereabouts. The call comes, but only Kelly is in the car parked behind a deserted restaurant. The driver is dead from a gunshot wound and has left a suicide note, saying he had inadvertently killed Kathy and had dumped her body in the ocean." "At the private memorial Mass for Kathy, Kelly tugs Margaret's arm and says: "Mommy, Kathy is very scared of that lady. She wants to come home right now." More unexplainable occurrences follow, indicating that Kelly is in touch with Kathy. At first, no one except the mother believes that the twins are communicating and that Kathy is still alive. As Kelly's warnings become increasingly specific and alarming, however, FBI agents set out on a search for Kathy. The novel reaches a breathtaking climax as they close in on the Pied Piper and his accomplices, while Kathy's life hangs by a thread." In delving into the well-documented but still unexplained phenomenon of twin telepathy, Mary Higgins Clark tells a spellbinding tale that takes us deep into the minds of her characters while lifting us to the heights of suspense.

From Goodreads: The definition of an owl had always pleased him: a night bird of talons and soft plumage which permits noiseless flight...applied figuratively to a person of nocturnal habits. 'I am The Owl,' he would whisper to himself after he had selected his prey, 'and nighttime is my time.'"
Jean Sheridan, a college dean and prominent historian, sets out to her hometown to attend the twenty-year reunion of Stonecroft Academy alumni, where she is to be honored along with six other members of her class. There is something uneasy in the air: one woman in the group about to be feted, Alison Kendall, a beautiful, high-powered Hollywood agent, drowned in her pool during an early-morning swim. Alison is the fifth woman in the class whose life has come to a sudden, mysterious end.
Adding to Jean's sense of unease is a taunting, anonymous fax she received, referring to her daughter -- a child she had given up for adoption twenty years ago.
At the award dinner, Jean is introduced to Sam Deegan, a detective obsessed by the unsolved murder of a young woman who may hold the key to the identity of the Stonecroft killer. Jean does not suspect that among the distinguished people she is greeting is The Owl, a murderer nearing the countdown on his mission of vengeance against the Stonecroft women who had mocked and humiliated him, with Jean as his final victim.

And lastly but not the least
From Goodreads: In The Gemini Agent, as first-year final exams week kicks off, several incident reports with serious allegations against James T. Kirk end up on the Commandant of Midshipmen’s desk. None of the allegations are true, of course… or are they? Kirk is being plagued by mysterious blackout periods, so he finds the allegations difficult to refute. During these blackout periods, he has no recollection of what he did, save for some very disturbing and disjointed memories. Kirk needs his friends, Bones and Uhura to help prove his innocence. Who is targeting Kirk, and why is he being targeted? And how far are they willing to go? Someone close to Kirk holds the answers to all of these questions, but can he put the pieces together before it’s too late?

I do hope the book shop person doesn't forget my request for "Delta Anomaly."


  1. I hope you enjoy them all!

  2. Mary Higgins Clark's book are always enjoyable. I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

  3. I enjoy Mary Higgins Clark, enjoy your reads.

  4. I'm trying to remember if I've read those Mary Higgins Clark books. Enjoy!

  5. Thank you all. I'm enjoying my Mary Higgins Clark loot. Hahaha. I especially liked "On The Street Where You Live."


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