Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back 2 Back Caption Pics

Last Friday I was quite fortunate to find them in one day. The first one is from Supernatural, which you can find here. I was chuckling as I read the captions. There were couple of Batman nods there such as:
" Holy Fish Chips Batman"
The Uncanny Cannery"
"Sam: Dean, I think your car's gone.
Dean: Noooo, stupid Squid Man. I'll turn him into Calamari Rings!"
"To the Batmobile, Robin!"

and my entry was:
Dean: What those demons lugging in that fish tank? Jaws on steroids?
Sam: I'm...thinking.
Dean: Sammy, if you don't get nuclear brain of your's running, we won't save your favorite fish, Mr. Trout.

I tried to be funny. ☺

The next pic caption is from YA Fresh They have turned it only a contest too. Check out the link and here's the photo you might be interest to cap. ☺ Don't caption it here but to their site. Contest is until July 5. ☺

from www.yafreshblogspot.com


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