Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday Fiction: Ink

One-minute writing suggested a new writing prompt for today. I know I'm late into this (time zones and all) but I wanted to try it out.

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Lisha stared at the blank computer screen for the Nth time. She knew she had a deadline and sitting in front of the computer for an hour now, wasn't mixing any of the creative juices that was lurking inside her. She glanced at the stacks of articles submitted by her junior writers, thumbing through them for inspiration but it felt like her Muse was having a lengthy bathroom break and was keeping mum. She sighed in frustration and knew that forcing a title for the school paper was like going to the dentist having your braces tightened for the third time. All pain, achy, and stiff.

She needed to relax and away from the gaggle of the noisy students behind the closed door.  She soon decided to shut down the computer, grabbed a pen and paper and headed for the small ante-room. There, she sat at the corner table already feeling the silence of the small room encompassing her.  She tapped lightly on the table and was rewarded by the surging ideas for the school paper. The ink  flowed smoothly along the paper. Title after title, Lisha wrote down the choices she could use. A good half an hour passed before she stopped to read back the titles. The perfumed ink scent tickled her nostrils. She would have to thank her mom for giving a box of her favorite pens as her birthday present.


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