Monday, November 28, 2011

Part Three Installment "Destiny Beckons"

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The creature's antennae twitched again and soon energy beams came out from it. The beams hit the three rangers while they tumbled out of the way, uninjured. With the creature,  Indigo Vela remained unconscious.

The rangers were full-on battle mode and rhythmically struck the creature with their stylized staffs. The staves carried by the rangers bore individual alien hieroglyphs and scripts running the slender length of their staves, pulsing each time when a rangers delivered blows to the creature that refused to back down.

Adria lowered her camera and selected the close-up shots of the staff welded by Orion who was closer to her position than the rest of the rangers. The alien hieroglyphs weren't anything she'd seen. She was about to start taking pictures again when she saw the man named Pacen Eldo carrying what looked like portable rocket launcher. The device appeared like it was already on its last legs. 

She watched from the safety behind the boulder as Pacen fired. The silver beam encompassed the creature were its started to jerk but remained standing. Before Adria could take another breath, Green Draco threw numerous green pellets toward the creature that released gels upon contact on the creature's body. Tiny sparks flew off from the creature's chest armor, preventing the creature from reverting to its slimy form. The green gel counteracted the creature's natural defense mechanism. 

Recovering slowly from the mixture of awe and thrill, Adria berated herself for not taking pictures of the action and furiously clicked at the unfolded scene.

The creature released a deafening roar in frustration that affected two pairs of unprotected ears near in the vicinity. Adria let out a strangled shout and slid down to the ground while Pacen hobbled away towards the safety of his car.

The rangers aware that prolonged exposure to the creature's scream could damage an unprotected ear, launched Red Orion to throw a pair of spinning stars towards the creature. The deadly starfish-like whirling devices embedded on the creature's throat thus shutting off the offending sound.

Not to be deterred, the creature used its tentacles and removed the offending spinning stars and lashed out by shooting off electrical beams from the ends of its tentacle pads thus creating a diversion it needed. It started to slink away from the Indigo Vela, completely forgotten from its boiling rage at the persistent rangers.

Adria gulped from her hiding place and saw Indigo Vela laying motionless on the ground. She glanced at Pacen who met her gaze. She knew she had to get the unconscious woman away from the fray and she had to do it now while the creature's attention was still zeroed in at the rangers.

She sprang from behind the rock while shutting off her conscience. She already knew her knees were quaking and her resolve was hanging on a balance despite having been trained by her father how to defend herself. This situation felt different.

Not wanting to shed a glance at the growing melee in front of her, Adria was at Indigo Vela's side. She couldn't find the ranger's pulse due to the insulated uniform the woman was wearing so she quickly pulled the woman towards her temporary sanctuary. A hard shudder rocked the area causing loose stones to dislodge from the quarry wall. Adria didn't dare looking back. She knew she was only a few yards away from her boulder sanctuary when a disturbing silence blanketed the area.

She gulped again and hauled the ranger the remaining yard before she went flying head over feet. She would have been significantly injured had she not subconsciously transformed into a Star Ranger and landed confidently on her two feet. 

Stunned beyond belief, Adria jaw would have dropped but her head was encased in a helmet much like the other rangers.  An insistent male voice sounded inside her communicator but she was too amazed to react from a speeding creature suddenly held by an electrically charged red netting grasped by three rangers from behind. 

"Yellow Cassiopeia!" A youthful if strained male voice broke through her shock.  "We won't be able to hold it much longer!" 

"What do you want me to do?" She cried out in anxiety then stopped when she imagined of a laser gun in her mind and to her surprise she was welding one.  Like in movies, she instinctively fired at the creature. The combined assault greatly weakened the creature after it had expended considerable energy from freeing itself from the captors. A shearing violet beam joined Cassiopeia yellow rays plus the electrical discharge from the net sufficiently  disintegrated the creature.  

A minute passed before Red Orion strode toward a very rigid Adria. "Glad you could finally make it." 

Adria slowly shook her head. "How.... how do I get out from this?" She began beating against her helmet. 

"Hey, hey! Take it easy." Orion gently caught her wrists and lowered them. He tried to calm her down. He knew how disconcerting first times were.  "It takes only a mental command and you'll change back." 

Adria did as she was told and immediately was transformed to her civilian self. "I...I..." She flexed her hands. They weren't gloved anymore. "I have to back to school." She hurried down to the base of the slope where she parked her car and drove away. 

"I never got to thank her," Vela said softly from the side as she leaned heavily on Blue Centaurus.

"Someone will have a lot of explaining to do." Pacen piped up from behind as the rangers turned to regard him.

"Yeah, you're closer to her age." 

"The designated leader." 

"You're from the same school." 

"Practically made in heaven." Vela rounded the banter as she chuckled softly. 

Too bad, Orion's look of exasperation was wasted under his helmet and neither was his glare that was directed at Vela.

But the other woman picked up the rest of his body language very clearly and did little to stifle her growing giggle. "I would happy to help you, Orion, but I worked for another school."


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