Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thank you Carolyn Keene

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Remember those times when you were a kid and you'd go off to one of your secret adventures? Well, my secret adventure was exploring the spare room turned storage room that was off limits. lolz. Well, that's already a recipe, right?

Prohibited room + bored kid = summer adventure

The book that started it all
There standing at the corner away from the mess of piles of whatever under the sun, was a book case. I went through the medical encyclopedias, my old children books etc still play-acting of treasure maps hidden in the books' pages. I think I was on the search for the oldest book and pulled out a book that didn't seem to belong  in the shelf!

"The Moonstone Castle Mystery" 

The book looked well-worn and the vintage cover was tickling my imagination to no end and when I opened to an illustrated page, I was intrigued. I think I remember my little self thinking that I found a clue to a treasure and it was hidden in the words! So I duck back out quietly since I was forbidden to enter that room and started reading! Of course no treasure was found except the treasure of having your imagination expand and learn at the same time how to be less shy, level-headed, and practical. While the knack of having stacks of ingenuity fails me in certain times, I was thankful for the book that a girl can be strong when she needs to be.

What about you? What book are you thankful for?


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