Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TV Episode Review: Once Upon a Time

Once Upon A Time 
A new show offering being aired here at StarWorld Channel every Wednesday night at 9: 55 PM with repeats the next day at 12:45PM and 5:00 PM

Episode one (Pilot)
Once Upon A Time 
I don't know where to start raving about this show. The production looked like a lot of  thought went through the development and the efforts made by the crew were tangible or noticeable enough through the props and the fabulous costumes used. You can feel that it was serious business in re-imaging the tale of Snow White. The SFX wasn't scrimped too.

I thought the casting  was great for their portrayal. Prince Charming was certainly delish. Hahaha There are several familiar faces such as Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer MorrisonRaphael Sbarge and Robert Carlisle. Jared Gilmore was perfect as Henry.

Once Upon a Time
Some people might get lost with the way the show was presented. The events taken place in Snow White and Prince Charming's world would run along side our reality until both stories reach one common ground which is Emma. I can't say much else for spoilers but I thought that made it an inventive way of writing the story. I was half expecting to see a subtitle: In a distant world much like our own where magic rules and evil queens are real...  instead it wasn't the case. It was straightforward and fast-paced. Editor Geoffrey Hildrew did a great job in keeping the momentum going between scenes. Cinematography brought by Stephen Jackson delivered an enchanting touch for both worlds. I can't wait for more.... :)

I give it 5 storybooks.


  1. I love Once Upon a Time! It's a very interesting show. :)

  2. @Jenn I love the show so much too. :D


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