Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Captain Power DVD

The soon to be released dvd boxset

So two weeks ago, a member of captainpower yahoo group  posted this pix of the DVD due on December 6. I  hardly think  the boxset will reach these shores and on the shelves here though. According to another post found from the Captain Power Facebook announcements that it will contain 6 hours bonus features. *cross fingers*

I've seen some behind the photos posted on their Facebook,  3 of  6 (original members) invited for the DVD commentaries.  It was great to see them together. I hope the rest of the cast will get a chance to visit   the designated CP offices and there will be a group picture!

Reboot question: For me, it's okay and with the level of technology now, the production can go a little more. I'm hoping to see the original cast members come in as recurring character role players. They could be rebel cell leaders, Passages leaders or some other underground facility members, helping out the Power team. The newer version of Power team  (my dream cast) will have their own stories to tell or they could reference one or two stories from the '80s show. 

Well, that's my two cents. '☺


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  2. @Morning Glad to meet you too. It has been one my goals to have varied content for blog hence Passages of the pen. :D Thank you for the link. It overwhelmed me a bit :D


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