Saturday, April 23, 2011

Captain Power and the Soldiers of Future Returns...

....and will be released in DVD boxset! Finally after an eon or so of waiting, word trickled down to yahoogroup and  sent a lot of the fans very happy. I haven't updated my comments there yet, hope to do so soon.

To learn more about the show, visit the Official Captain Power Returns  and Facebook link . One of the notable fan site is the Captain Power 20th Anniversary site.

There was a game posted a couple years back about if the show were reformatted into an hour long show, who would be our likely cast line up.

My chosen and this have been updated since I remember putting a different actor for Captain Power, Tank, and Pilot.
Jared Padalecki as Captain Johnathan Power
Robert Patrick as Major Matthew "Hawk" Masterson
Rob Riggle as Lt. Michael "Tank" Ellis
Rainbow Francks as Sgt  Robert "Scout" Baker
Brooke Nevin as Corporal Jennifer "Pilot" Chase

I think we've forgotten about who would be our picks for Lord Dred though. Hmmm. I had fun checking out the others cast line up too.


  1. I love that you brought up Brooke Nevin. Cool cast suggestion!

    I'll be adding your link to my LiveJournal soon, where I'm still active ~

  2. Have u seen her movie "Come Dance at my Wedding?" I like to get a copy of it. John Schneider portrayed as the absentee dad (Tanner Gray) while Sara Canning (Jenna, TVD) portrays the younger version of Andrea Merrimam, (the mom).

  3. I've been wanting to see it too! It's super-COOL to have her and Sara Canning in the same movie. XD

  4. Have you seen the SYFI show Haven? Maurice Dean Wint (Scout) is in it and the two main leads Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant remind me a lot of Jessica and Tim.

  5. @jeant1013 Yes! I've seen Haven. I typed a review about the pilot ep too here ( Oh, goodness! I knew something was familiar with him. The eyes but I just couldn't place him and when I checked IMDB I haven't scrolled down enough to see the CP connection. Thanks! Now, that you've mentioned it, yeah the two leads remind me of them. ☺


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