Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday Scribblings: Investigate

Sunday Scribblings

The bell rang its urgent call to classes. First day of the week always held the certain rush among the students and teachers. The frenzied energy floating in the air as everyone seemed out of sync after the weekends. Students jockeyed each other hoping to get to their respectively classes minus any reprimands. It's Monday.

Adria ducked immediately into the office headquarters of the school's paper "Q" just as Rick Lineheart glanced toward her direction. The way she'd been avoiding the guy was obvious she knew and she had done it twice earlier in the day. Why did she and Lineheart always meet on corridors this day? It didn't happen before.

She stood in the middle of the room lost in thought when Lisha strode out from the ante-room. "I thought you said you were heading back to the quarry to investigate?"

"Oh, yeah. Right." Adria appeared embarrassed to have forgotten and left quickly. She did intend to visit the quarry today before her next class started.

The loose gravel crunched under her boots as she swiveled around. No soul in sight. What a perfect way to get lost or do a body dump. She strode toward the scene of last Friday's battle or encounter. She made her way careful to the spot and slowly studied the ground for telltale evidence. She took several close-up shots, hoping her camera lens were more sensitive than her eyes to see what she may not be able to see in plain light. The mid-day sun was bright but it was turning the quarry a low-level sauna. Adria concluded her investigation and headed back to the school for her afternoon classes.


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