Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carry On Tuesday: Love One Another

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"What a beautiful sunny day" by Sandra Mora

Troubled Heart
by Raine (passagesofthepen)

Your smile belied the pains 
Your laughter hid the cries 
Your cheer mocked the abyss
Of a troubled heart

Another day came 
There was no change
You pray for peace
For your troubled heart

You cry repeatedly 
Subduing forever
The gentle soul
Now, a troubled heart

No one knew
Everyone close 
Is lost to you 
The bearer of a troubled heart

A never-ending betrayal
You wonder about love
Will it come
For one troubled heart

Twinkling hope 
You wish upon until it hurts
To find that healing
A real embrace to save the troubled heart


  1. No one ever understands the heartache no-one ever feels the pain, no one ever see the tears, when ya crying in the rain!

  2. well delivered pains and situations.


  3. @Morning Yeah, it turned my world upside down. :(


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