Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Scribblings: "You Are Here"

Sunday Scribblings

A picture prompt for today:

Adria and Sally browsed from one display case after another in the vast museum. The gems set in various jewelry designs made them linger to admire the dazzling creations. They were so engrossed with admiring the intricate designs that neither girl was aware someone was observing them from his secret corner before ducking away. 

Sally abruptly stopped. Panic seized her when no one from their class was in the same room with them. Heck, the other museum visitors have already drifted away leaving them alone in the room. 

"C'mon, I don't want to have a "Night in the Smithsonian" experience if I can help it."

Adria shot her friend an amused look. "It wouldn't be too bad." She strode briskly towards the interactive locator map found at the entrance of the room. A green dot flashed, "You are here...." 


  1. Nice one! Many I time I've been rescued from being lost by a location map and the older I get the often it happens!!

    My contribution is at

  2. @keith hillman When supermalls came I found myself searching for a locator map often. Sheesh. Thanks for your link:D


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