Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Fix: Who You Really Are By Heinz Winckler

Monday Fix is a weekly meme that I started here several Mondays ago. This meme is anything really that gets you to start your day. It's either your fave coffee or tea blend, listening to your music of the day from your  list of fave music artists, your garden bloom, your fave TV show etc.

Today's pick is a song video of "Who You Really Are" by Heinz Winckler for the Swiss Eurovision Song Contest. I wish we can watch the show. If our cable provider didn't take out Sky News, it would have been  possible since I managed to watch Eurovision '96 (was it) when Boyzone entered a song entry for their Irish delegate. This was the only channel carrier with all things further Europe  (aside from BBC) or even M-Net Channel, which carried South African news and goings in that area. This was the channel station where I first heard of Heinz Winckler singing to Chasing Shadows. I've always enjoyed watching these programs since you can see see a lot of talent. 

For some reason the video won't show up here so here's the link to the page

Who You Really Are

Vid clip


  1. The only thing sure to get me moving in the morning is my kids. They are entirely too good at it, even when they themselves are hardly moving at all.


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