Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fiction: Luck

The One-Minute Writer
Today's prompt is to write about "Luck". 

Friday Fiction is your opportunity to write a short (short, short, short) story. Many participants use more than one minute for Friday Fiction prompts, and I don't generally take the length of the post into account when I name a Friday winner.

Moonlight 9
Adria and Pepper burst into the semi-darkened and empty gymnasium. Adria shut the doors behind her while Pepper dashed towards the other door on the opposite end of the room and secured it. For safety measure, she also locked the doors leading to the locker rooms. When she returned, she was still gasping for breath and her face shone a barely restrained panic that she fought to squelch.

"Please tell me you have a plan?" Pepper took another deep breath and glanced around the huge room.  It was empty but there weren't a lot of hiding places they can use to their advantage. She noticed a baleful moonlight streamed through one of the upper windows of the building. "Because this place is ripe for Horror 101."

Adria nodded in silent agreement and followed her friend's gaze up towards the window. She just saw a shadow figure ducking away.

"With any luck, Rick and other guys will deal with them before they get inside." Adria crossed her fingers.



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