Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fiction: Flash

Today's Friday Fiction prompt is: Flash. For more Friday Fiction entries hop over to The One-minute Writer 

As another challenge for me, I decided to continue the one-minute story started from the previous prompt. I don't know if it will work eventually but hopefully it will. ☺I just have to get the third installment out soon. Lolz. I know Jules you're waiting for it. ☺

by Tutorial
Adria ducked as the creature hurled another acid ball towards Pepper and her. The room they were in was starting to become a deathtrap if they don't get out. A strong hissing sound erupted from behind and fumes tried to engulf the pair but it was this side of the wall they wanted melted down if they want to escape.  A hole gradually formed on the wall, offering an escape route. It was time. The girls simultaneously hurled the beakers toward the creature that appeared to be a cross between a slimy troll and a garden-variety mushroom with beady eyes.


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