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Q: If you could change the ending of any book or (series), which book would you choose? Why  and to what? 

Hmmm, this need some slight rumination. *joke* I don't know if anyone still reads Hardy Boys series this time (lolz) but my high school years, I was a huge fan of the books and when it ventured to the case files format, I was still digging it. The Hardy Boys Casefiles # 4 "The Lazarus Plot"

Casefile 4
The ending was Joe and the Lazarus leader were in a face-off. The belligerent Lazarus leader wouldn't tell Joe Hardy if Iola survived the explosion when her car was bombed by the Evil Inc. two casefiles earlier. I was left hanging wondering about Iola's real demise even after reading the last of the casefiles produced by Archway Productions. *sigh*

PS. After surviving the Hardy Boys re-make (back in the early '90's) and if the detective brothers will once again return to the small screen with a generous swirls of Smallville/Supernatural/ and MacGyver's ingenuity/High School Musical vibes and mystery ingredient into it, this would be my cast:

Kelly Blatz seen as "Aaron Stone" 
I imagined him to portray Frank Hardy, the level-headed and cool as cucumber older brother of Joe Hardy.

Parker Stevenson as seen in "Terror Peak"
Mr Parker Stevenson could return as Detective Fenton Hardy, the boys father. He portrayed Frank Hardy from the classic series. It would be cool to bring back the casting members who were involved in the original and no, I didn't get to watch it when it first came out back in the '70s as mom told me. She watched the series. The classic show was re-aired when the new (then) '90s version was slated to splash the telly screens. That was the time I got acquainted with the original Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew Series. 

Tyler Johnston in Polar Storm (I think)
He would be my pick for Joe Hardy. The impulsive one, a punch first and ask questions later type of guy, a clear opposite of his brother.

Shaun Cassidy now an executive producer of  "Ruby and  the RockIts"  and "Inseparable" to name a few.

Mr Shaun Cassidy  portrayed Joe Hardy from the classic show. He can come in as one of Fenton's close detective friends. In fact, much of their dad's life wasn't elaborated in the books since it focused on the boys' adventure. This would be a cool springboard to explore. I've been intrigued about the hints their dad being a NYC hotshot detective. Rounding the group: 

Crystal Reed as seen in "Teen Wolf"
I pictured her as Iola Morton, Joe's girl. In the books, she and Callie (Frank's girlfriend) don't appear much, save for helping the boys in very infrequently capacity

Skyler Samuels as seen "The Gates" 

I imagined her as Cassandra (Callie) Shaw. Little is known about her except she's Frank's girlfriend. Well, that's for me. 
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  1. Thanks for stopping by:) I never read any of the Hardy Boys guess I missed out.

  2. @Rebecca I hope you'll still get a chance. Although, the gadgets used or the concepts (Cold War) will be outdated if that will not throw you off, you can give the book a try.

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