Monday, September 5, 2011

One-Minute Writer Prompt: Labor

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Prompt for the day is to write the most satisfying labor that you've done? 

My satisfying labor was to write a five-minute skit for my group to be ready the next day. My shift ran from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM so I had to wake to up around 5:00AM to make it work. Lolz. 

Casefile 101: Johnny English and the Pink Panther Diamond
I added several sound effects too for background and to see how it sounded at the class was a thrill. The performance was very rough but they get the idea. ☺Maybe there's a director in me too? 

The first few scenes
It was great while it lasted in the first few scenes when everyone wasn't thinking it was corny. Hey, it was a requirement to do for the class and no one seemed interested to save our collected behinds during the meetings. lolz. 

The foil 
I had fun writing the skit for the group even if their hearts weren't into performing. 


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