Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Carry on Tuesday: "Home is where the heart is"

Carry on Tuesday
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NASA - Earth from outer space by johnlemon

Beth glanced at the main viewscreen and felt a sigh of relief escaped her lips as she settled more into her seat. The welcoming blue orb came into view and from this distance; it looked very much like a Christmas ornament hanging in the dark, cold expanse of outer space. She let the marvel of the planet washed over her. The battle with the alien creatures had taken more than a week and it left them feeling harried than usual. Her gaze once again fell on the picture nestled inside the locket she had set on the console in front of her. There were other reasons for her homecoming but they all paled to the only promise that was important to her. "Home is where the heart is, right guys?"  Her smile broadened as several replies greeted her back.


  1. Robert Heinlein, in his short story, "The Green Hills of Earth," had a similar take on arriving home from space, except he saw green instead of blue--of course, his character was blind.


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