Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Squee: See Agent Hotchner remember how to smile ☺

The Happy BAU Family 
Monday Fix is now Monday Squee which is I think much better since the word just profess nearly contained excitement. Lolz. It's the gist I get after I've visited fanfic sites or forums and this word comes up followed by a happy moment that made a forum member smile.

So Monday Squee is a weekly meme that I started several Mondays ago here. This meme is anything really that gets you to start your day. It's either your fave coffee or tea blend, listening to your music of the day from your  list of fave music artists, your garden bloom, your fave TV show etc.

Today's squee is the gang over at BAU. This was shared by Mr. Thomas Gibson posted entry in his tumblr account. Now, if we can only get Agent Hotchner to grin again. ☺


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