Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Movie Synopsis Challenge (tumblr ed)

My friend jazzontherocks, sent my links to where her requests can be found:

Title: The Price that You Pay
Since tumblr has no links for Blogger or if it has I can't find it, then kindly point me to the right direction and I'll fix this post. If something like this will be made, I'd check it out too. '☺

Fan-Movie Details/Summary:

Cast: Jensen Ackles, , James Lafferty , Ed Westwick

 Aw, but they never told you the price that you pay
For things that you might have done…..
Only the good die young
                                    Only the Good Die Young-Billy Joel
Petty crook, Jacks (Ackles) decides to take his ‘career’ to the next level-robbing a bank. But when the job goes wrong an innocent bystander (Lafferty) is killed in the process.
 Now awaiting trial for murder, Jacks is given the choice by a young, mysterious lawyer, Mr. Deville (Westwick). Either be set free to think about what he did wrong or face the death penalty. Seeing an unbelievable chance to escape, without a scratch, he agrees, only to wake the next day, not in his cell but in unknown apartment, with strange people he’s never seen before in his life calling him a strange name. All the dates read a week prior to the robbery as well.
                Jack soon discovers that he’s been sent back into time into the body of his victim. To everyone else he looks like local boy Tom Adams (Lafferty), the same man he will shoot in just a week. Only to himself does he see his original body.
At first he works to escape with his new free body but Deville appears again to tell him that wasn’t the deal and he has to spend 7 days as Tom to see the lives of those he will destroy or go back to his own body and back to the chair.
During his week as Tom, Jacks grows close to the family and friends of his victim and soon wishes to continue his happier life away from crime. But the day of the robbery is drawing closer and when he crosses paths with his past self Jacks realize there is no way to stop the murder.
Only this time he’ll be the victims.


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