Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Scribblings: My Backyard

Sunday Scribblings
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Adria's concentration dissipated again as she watched the molecular model of a compound that was the object of their report swirled in 3D animation done by one of her group mates. The five members were seated cross-legged on the floor around the low oval coffee table. Ted was in middle of showing them what they could do for their presentation as he assigned topics for each member to tackle.

Pirate Costume
She listened to sounds in the house this Saturday morning. There were low murmurs around the table, the soft hum of her dad's printer in his den as it furiously spewed paper for the last hour while her kid brother and his four friends were enjoying whatever game of tackle was going on upstairs because every now and then, a couple of low sounding thuds echoed downstairs much to her dad's consternation. It had been twice now observing her dad go up and down the stairs, trying his best to reign in his energetic son and his playmates before they get hurt.

A loud thud echoed again.

Someone was going to be grounded for having so much fun. After another minute, Andrew (her notorious brother) in his Jack Sparrow costume with a constrained mischief glinting in his eyes, trailed behind their father. Whatever punishment their father doled out, it hasn't sunk in yet for Andrew. She stifled a chuckle, watching the little merry band of five misfits with amusement. Andrew's co-conspirators were equally dressed in pirate gear except the last small boy though, he looked like an orc!

The boys trooped out with a skip and hop. She glanced around table and admired her group members for being able to shut off any distracting noise. She was clearly failing that so she excused herself to find what her brother was up to. She has never seen her brother and his friends in full costume gear before whether that good or bad, she didn't know. She looked up at the first thing that caught her eye.

"My Backyard of Doom" 

The banner flapped securely on two wooden poles and her world went sideways as peals of laughter exploded around her.


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