Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review: Deadly Gift by Heather Graham

Title: Deadly Gift (The Flynn Brothers Trilogy)#3
Author: Heather Graham
Status: Bought book
Pages: 387

Summary from Goodreads 
Caer is spending this Christmas among strangers. Brought to Newport, Rhode Island, from her native Ireland to nurse ailing millionaire Sean O'Riley, she's living a life few can imagine. But money can't hide the tension between O'Riley's trophy wife, his paranoid daughter, the eccentric aunt in the attic and the staff members who run the house.
When O'Riley's business partner goes missing, family friend Zach Flynn arrives. Determined to help him solve the case, Caer becomes enmeshed in a mystery that weaves together the sins of the past with one family's destiny…and a spirit that watches the mansion, possessing a deadly gift.

My thoughts
This was the last installment of the Flynn Brothers series and while I wasn't able to get the first two books (Deadly Night and Deadly Harvest) respectively, this book could be read as a standalone. I was quite apprehensive when I do buy serialized books out of their order  because they have the tendency to be in the middle of the one huge story arc that I try to grapple to understand. Fortunately, it wasn't the case here. There were references to the previous books especially to Zach's other brothers line of work and what they had encountered but it was very limited and not jarring enough to dislodge the reader's concentration. The reading was smooth.

What drew me to buying the book was the title and the name Caer (pronounced as Kyre) which was different sounding to Caerphilly, Wales  but I had a feeling it might have some ties to that area. So when I started reading the book, I was excited to learn that Caer is a nurse from Ireland and the rest of the action sets in New England which are my fave settings for books.

I was thought the author explored about banshees and mythic Ireland meshed well with the missing friend story. I was continually wondering about Caer and what the hints sprinkled in story meant. I only knew about Banshees from what I've seen in Charmed and other related cable movies.

"Just felt a shade o' darkness there, that's all, lad. A shadow on the heart."

The romance factor was well taken care of, imo. It wasn't like Zach and Caer were stuck in the room and made out at once but you will know this two are bound for each other. The buildup was there even if Zach was portrayed at the beginning as possible sleazy fella. However, I think I was expecting a lyrical visualization of the attraction of the two (Zach and Caer) especially when she permitted him to be very close because I felt that Caer being attached to that part of the unseen world would be written differently. Anyway, beyond that I still thought it went well for the book.

The one thing that derailed me a bit was when Zach's apparent deduction of the glass shards in the jam as a ploy. I felt I wasn't convinced that the only town's grocery shop crate supply was tampered by the killer. The possibility of ingesting it ended in the Sean's household and there were no other mentions if there were other situations around town. If the killer tampered the jam supply wouldn't there have been similar if fatal incidences?

All in all, I like how it all ended without giving too much away. I can't wait to complete the series since I have now "Deadly Night."I wonder how it will go for me reading the books backward.


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