Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fiction Flash: "Step to the Sword of Light"

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The story so far: The Relic Hunter and her Sidekick, I am here, Warrior Princess, The Canyon of Tears, Nightstorm, and The Fury of the Lost.

"Step to the Sword of Light"

Image by Luis Royo
Kai slowly opened his eyes and listened to the chorus of birds chirping up and down the tree branch outside his window. He smiled with amusement as if the birds were having a heated discussion on whatever the bird topic was for the day since one particular warbler let a long chirping sound as if it was trying to put through his partner's little head that was he was saying was the truth. Of course, the low chirp belonging to his companion wasn't going to stay quiet for long. Curious, Kai stealthily approached the window and searched the branches where the birds were doing their chirping match. However, he heard a flutter of wings and rustle of leaves and soon the birds were gone. Kai shook his head and gazed down the empty plaza below. The flags of the participating provinces for the games flapped lazily as spectators began to wend their way to the city's arena just outside the walled city. In two hours, the city will hear the shouts of the spectators supporting their favorite game participant. The prize money for this event was doubled which attracted the best fighters of the neighboring lands plus a new incentive was announced that the winner will be considered in the ranks as a Sword of Light bearer and out from the group of hopefuls, their numbers will be whittled until only one will hold the title and will be city's champion.

Thess had only one champion and if the city went to war that champion will automatically become the commander of the army or in official delegations become the bodyguard of the current leader. Since the current champion was about to face the start of his twilight years, the governing body of Thess came to a decision to launch the competition three months earlier than the usual September announcement.

Many warriors dreamed to be a part of the Sword of Light history because it had been known as far as dated history could tell, the blade never grew dull by the passage of time and it was forged out from a meteorite that had fallen many years ago. The weapon was light as feather and sturdy than the known metal the people of Thess had mined under their mountains.

Kai nodded to a group of boys shaking his hand as he focused on the present. This had been his goal since he was kid and there was nothing that was going to stop him. He went to the tent where all the competitors of the next heat have been assembled and was in time to hear the last minute instructions from the event host. Soon the game commenced and like all previous heats, Kai didn't watch the outcomes. He calmly sat and waited. The jeers and cheers of the spectators mixed altogether as one warrior swiftly tread past him. Another while, he was the only one left and he got ready. He heard his name was announced and a thunderous cheer greeted his ears. He made a mental check on his other weapons and unsheathed his sword partly as his routine for good luck. He knew some competitors feel the need to watch the opponents' tactics but for him, he prefer to let his instincts guide him.


  1. Great. I love this world you've created. I do hope Kai wins.

  2. Thanks! I'm crossing my fingers for Kai. If we come back to his story, we'll know. :D


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