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Friday Fiction Flash " The Dax Encounter"

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"The Dax Encounter"

Little dust clouds swirled at every pounding footfall that came to a slow stop and a boy of twelve shouted his frustration to the air. He stopped what seemed to be a mad dash out of the nearest dwelling that looked like a piece from a children's block game on the brown plain. The City of Thess with its colorful flags waved at a distance. Dax slowed into a walk until his breathing came back normal again but continued making his way to the forest, to his secret place where he can think and possibly see the reason why his brother had to leave him.

The Whispering Forest as the old people called it wasn't really enchanted. It housed several exquisite bird and animal species and it was eagerly tended by a ranger from the city. Dax thought maybe he can hang out with his ranger friend for most of the day and not come home until it was late. He thought it was a good plan and trudged to the direction of the ranger's house.

"Malcolm! You in?" Dax called out when he neared the quaint cottage. Malcolm an animated man with traces of gray hair at the temples had retired from the Queen's service as Sword of Light bearer or as the town's people say, as the Queen's bodyguard after receiving injuries that cost his arm. He had seen the new arm. It was the gift of cybernetics but Malcolm felt that it was best for him to take his leave and lead a quieter life. The one he had turned his back when he decided to be a bearer at the prime of his youth.

Dax keyed in his code on the Malcolm's locator plate found at the porch table. As usual, Malcolm tinkered with the locator to only broadcast the sender's locator not Malcolm's to prevent anyone from finding out where the ranger's true location might be in forest. The boy understood the precaution his friend devised. Despite leaving the Queen's service, there were still people out there who wanted to acquire the secrets of Thess and the ruling family or other dubious personalities who wish to have Malcolm under their own employment. However, the ranger had pledged his allegiance to the city so it would be futile to convince him. Of course, as the story went, former bearers were more lethal now that they were released from service.

"C'mon Malcolm, it wouldn't hurt for you to reply." Dax still feeling the remnants of his foul mood spoke at the locator plate. When there was no reply, he opted to wait for his friend at the steps. He had found a spot when he heard series of tinkling clear bells breaking the stillness. A sound usually associated whenever there was a procession nearby. He sat up and wondered who would do a procession in the mid-day. Official processions usually started in the late afternoons when the temperature was more bearable and cool.

Dax decided to follow the sound and came up behind heavy shrubs and witnessed a dancing fairy before him. The fairy was surrounded by animals as she spoke to each one in turn. His eyes roved towards the orbs that encompassed the fairy. The orbs were also engaged in spinning a slow arc dance, darting through the trees then back to her. Dax was sure he had to pick up his jaw off the forest floor as he continued to observe the scene. He had never seen a fairy this close. He knew his friend, Yarel befriended a fairy but it was a secret between them. Before he could think of selecting a better hiding place, one of the orbs stopped above him. Dax shooed the orb while trying to remain hidden but the fairy chuckled and requested him to join her.

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  1. I like the sounds of the Whispering Forest. :) Very nice addition this week. :)

    1. Thank you, Melissa. :D I like the name of the forest too.


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