Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: Once Upon a Time: episode 1.8 "Desperate Souls"

Regina and Mr. Gold play dirty politics and take opposite sides when Emma runs for a coveted Storybrooke public office against Sidney. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale world that was, Rumplestiltskin tries to track down the ultimate power source in order to help his son avert the horrors of a meaningless war.

Directed by Michael Waxman
Written by  Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and Jane Espenson
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My thoughts
Brad Dourif was superb in portraying dual roles one as the Dark One and as the meek beggar. I always think actors relish in getting to do things like this whether in the small screen or the silver screen but if you take note, the show does have actors taking on dual roles. :D  Anyways, back to the episode. I think despite the limited screen time, Mr. Dourif  made those moments count and delivered the mystery dripped with sinister and subterfuge all in one.

Back in Storybrooke, the election for the next Sheriff went to listening for the candidates' platforms: Swan and Glass. Dr. Archie Hopper made a half-bake comedic remark and moderated the event. It was great to see Mr. Sbarge in this episode providing the comedic middle guy whenever the mayor and Emma get too intense. We found out some more of Emma's goals, which was not  just being able to see Henry but to "have a place in Henry's life" and she also wanted to give Henry a hope that even after the death of Sheriff Graham (which the kid thinks was due to the curse) that good will prevail by sticking to the rules. I like the message being put forth in the episode but it does have its grey parts which we found out that although 'staged' by Mr. Gold, (he said he and Emma have a common enemy) Emma sacrificed her candidacy and told the people of the rigged saving of the mayor's life. Thus ensuing a possible  shoe-in for the mayor's candidate, town's newspaper reporter, Mr. Sydney Glass.  I always get excited when clues to several of Storybrooke's  denizens lend to what they were in fairy tale land. Here, Mr. Glass was the Evil Queen's magic mirror.

Another big thing about this episode was Rumple's back story. I nearly flipped when the writers gave us a clue on how he became the magical Rumpelstiltskin. We never knew in the books. I won't say much about it for those who haven't seen the episode but it was kind of sad how he was thrust into it. I wonder what had happened to his son after that. Did something bad happen which was why Rumple's choice of payment was a first-born child? What do you think?

There was a terrible disagreement at home so I didn't quite notice the music used in this episode and the cinematography very well or even the FX . Even when the episode was re-aired I got to even more trouble at home. Sheesh.

Lastly, when Mr. Gold (back in Storybrooke) told Emma that it was perfectly fine for him that he was outed since it still gained the result he wanted (which was have Emma installed as the new sheriff), I can't help but wonder what was behind Mr. Gold's expression though. He appeared as if he was contented yet managed to be unreadable at the same time. Kudos to Mr. Robert Carlyle for keeping the viewers guessing to what Rumple's ultimate plans are. It certainly was a hint that more will be coming and Emma might have a huge fight in her hands when Rumple finally claims what he wants.

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  1. great review..i have not seen this and will check it out.

    1. It's a great show. Hope you get to enjoy it. :D


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