Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Fiction Flash: "The Relic Hunter and her Sidekick"

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"The Relic Hunter and her Sidekick"

Efa did her best not focus at the spinning walls. They unwittingly found themselves inside a bewitched room but it was hard not to get nauseated from the myriad of images flashing before her eyes. The walls afire with destroyed cityscapes sprang turning into heart-wrenching scenes that continue their unwavering onslaught  before Efa's eyes.

"Mother's home city on the western shore, how is this possible?" She couldn't keep the frantic tone out of her voice, recognizing the archway and spires of the city.

"This destruction has never happened yet and it was not in the histories." Eos calmly told her as he  intently watched the scene dissolved into another burning city.

"You might have forgotten." Efa willed so hard that these images were false and took heart in her friend's certitude. The dizzying images started to settle. It seemed that the purpose of the room was to overwhelm them with grief and hopelessness. However, it wasn't affecting Eos so the room's attack was solely at her.

Eos wagged his fair head and followed the ocean waters with his gaze when it steadily crawled inland until the waters submerged the city. "Nay, my people have been blessed with long memories that time can never touch and I assure you, this has not happened."

"This is  a foretelling?" Efa fought hard not to squint at the harsh living murals. "Who is controlling the room then?"  She heaved a steady breath when another panic sensation from her gut was threatening to rush up her throat and empty the contents of what remained of her lunch on the floor. The floor! She tore her gaze away from the hypnotic and tilting floor. The room brightened again and more flaming images bombarded her senses.

"The screams! Make it stop!" She pressed her hands to her ears as her knees buckled.

"Efa, Efa!" Eos caught her. "Focus only me."

"How can you endure the death and anguish of the people from these images?" She was almost tearful and wished she was blind today.

"They are not real, Efa. I taught you before a way and ever since then you would not stop unless I chose to close myself to you."

For some reason, she could hear his chuckles inside her head. Leave it to the sidekick to still find something humorous in situations.

"'The sidekick.' I've been called far worse names by mortals but never that."

Efa strained to listen to the joke inside her head. She will have to ask Eos about that later and before she knew it, the overriding emotions brought by the images dissipated and the calm Eos let through connected with her soul.  She took another calm breath and stood up. They soon covered each other backs as their way always in tight situations.  Efa reached within herself and called to the power she wielded. Immediately, her right hand glowed. She glanced at her shimmering hand.

"Yarel! We have the sword and the dagger but it might take another day to get back."

"I have you on my scope, Efa. I'll send help." Efa nodded and ended the mystic call. Soon her hand glowed in a glimmering flame as if she was cradling a small sun upon her hand.

"I hope you've seen a way out of this room, Eos?"  She stared ahead and saw five ominous heavily cloaked beings pouring into the room like oil.

"I have."


  1. I love what you did with this, turning the picture into just a false image being shown to her for a purpose. Thank goodness she has Eos with her.

    1. Thank you. I thought felt right they were in such a room. Yup,good thing her sidekick/hero came with her for this trip. :D

  2. And I sure hope they find their way out too! *fingers crossed* :)
    I also agree with Carol, very cool way to turn things around

    1. I hope so too. :D Thanks for coming by.


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