Friday, February 3, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday: "I am here"

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"I am here"

Efa gazed at the moon as it hid its silver face behind the clouds yet the tableau before her remained lighted by the vibrant moonlight lending its clear moon shine over the high pass of the mountain which she could see from her perched under the arbor Eos made for her on her birthday.
She didn't like being left alone to worry about the outcome of the trade talks with Lardon's people while Eos accompanied her father to the assembly. However, she knew that wasn't her real apprehension. She knew if things at the negotiation table went south, Eos would be able to protect her father and get him back home safe and sound but what if in the brisk winds of hot-hotheadedness and all things men like to quarrel these days, reason failed and Eos's real identity will be known. No one has seen an elf and Eos had been good at hiding his pointed ears and while he looked much fairer, she had seen people who were white as snow from the other provinces.

Efa gasped as she tried to calm her heart. She had not shared this with her father that Eos was from the Elven folk. She planned on doing it a week before they left but she kept putting it off. Surely, Eos would be mad at her for not deciding early on before the long journey. She bit her quivering lip. Eos was important in her life so why was it hard for her to tell her father?

"Calm yourself, my love"

Efa swiveled in alarm. She knew the voice came from behind her but there was no one else around. The garden hedges were short and still thin from the recent blight. In fact, Eos was the one who gave them a remedy to help the shrubs fight the disease and for now, the remedy was winning.

"Show yourself!"

"It is only a lonely friend who calls you."

"Eos?" She finally realized it was his voice. "How? "

"It will be too complicated to explain in such a long distance but when I return, I will share it with you."

"I can hear you in my mind." She was overwhelmed of this new experience and wondered if it was an ability of his folk. She began to notice how very different they were. Sadness soon began to clutch her heart but before its claws completely wrapped around it, she felt something else. Her breath caught in her lips and she sensed the warmth flooding through her until she was imagining herself in his arms and she is.

"I am here."


  1. I like the direction you took with the photo, even though I can see why Efa is disturbed. I also went back and read last week's, to see how they tied together. Sounds like that's quite a meeting.

    1. Thank you, hopefully another photo pick will open up the negotiations side :D Yeah, Lardon's a pretty nervous character. :D

  2. Oh this was a nice take with this photo. And I like Eos. :) Very nice.

    1. Me too, I hope we get to see Eos again. :D


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