Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fiction Flash: "The Canyon of Tears"

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This story still takes place months before "The Fury of the Lost" and perhaps weeks before "Nightstorm." I try to keep a steady timeline if the stories let me. :D 

"The Canyon of Tears"

The weak sunlight failed miserably in penetrating the thick canopy trapping the cool air circulating through the forest. The mist dampened the air giving the sweet scent of a light morning drizzle. Flint, as he was known to the mortals since it was forbidden for mortals to know their Fay names, was a tree fairy routinely checking out his woody charges, making sure they weren't affected by some unknown blight. There were murmurs from the trees that the fairy looked preoccupied today. Their friend was known for his meticulous inspection of every bark and leaf which every tree relished yet today, he only gave them a cursory glance before coming to a rest on the tree branch wearing a pensive expression that seemed to shatter his comely features. 

What worries you dear? A soft grandmotherly tone echoed in the area. Flint acknowledged the voice with a lift of his eyes and directed his gazed at an ancient Yew tree.

"Yarel accompanied me to the Canyon of Tears five days ago...."

Why child when you know it is forbidden for a fay to even set foot there."

Flint knew of the law ever since he could remember. It was fiercely instilled into him but when he had lived several lifetimes than that of man, he began to wonder. Fay history told him that the Canyon of Tears was the place where the mortals came to face their darkest hours to the bitter end.

Two warring factions arrived at the standstill and neither force backed down until no one was left standing. Lord Athar of the North dreamed of expanding his empire unfortunately, his sister, Lady Thesia of the East thought better to keep her lands free from the iron-dominion that was likely her brother's will and wanted peace. Athar discarded the negotiations and sent his troops onward. However, he was caught off guard when his war messenger relayed to him " impressive force at a ready."  His sister had marshaled an army that matched him by the numbers. He had always thought Thesia was weak but now, he grimly thought how much he had underestimated her.  

"Ancient One, we did nothing to amend it."

The Yew tree made a moving sound as if its roots were laboriously working to pull the giant body off the ground. Flint watched with sad eyes as the Yew tree rumbled toward him. "What will you do with the information you have found?" Flint could feel the Yew's eyes boring through him.    

"Until I have more proof, it stays with me." Flint turned away and sat dejectedly on the branch. How was he going to track a thousand year old clue back to the identity of the fay that twisted Lord Athar's mind of conquest, without arousing suspicions?


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