Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Carry On Tuesday: "As I was lying in my bed"

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As I was lying in my bed, an uncontrollable shiver ran through my spine and stared wide-eyed around the bedroom. I was searching for something but I don't know what will calm me down. 

Yes or no.
Two words have the power to change a life. 

My gaze fell first on the computer where I've spent sleepless nights toiling over reports and other in-between things that would generally send me past my bed time. I stared at the trophies and cast attention at the medallions that I've won at various sport meets. It seemed another person had accepted these. It felt these all happened a lifetime ago and not just a few months ago. 

How can saying Yes or No become heavy all of the sudden? 

Next, my gaze flitted over a collection of framed photos of a squirrel, a tree branch, a boulder, a perfect shot of  sunlight dappled through the foliage, my cat - Tripp as he accompanied me. Yes, I love the morning walks to the woods where one could get breathless pictures of nature waking up to the call of the sun. I didn't want it to end. 

Adria jumped out from her bed and started to pace the small area afforded by her room. She reached out for the family photo; her torn expression was reflected back at her. She wasn't looking forward to breaking any more hearts.


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